保罗史密斯的 College ranks ninth in the 2021 Military Times “Best for Vets” college category.



We are a proud participant in the VA’s 黄丝带计划. As such, tuition and fees are completely covered for 退伍军人 和他们的 指定的协议 谁符合100%的标准.



保罗史密斯的 College ranked in the top-15 in the US 新闻 & World Report’s “Best Colleges for 退伍军人” category, as well as No. 北部“最具价值学校”排名第七.



欢迎来到宝盈bbin官方网站社区. Thank you for your valor and commitment to serving our country. We’re pleased to know that you have chosen 保罗史密斯的 College for your educational goals. Here at 保罗史密斯的 you will find that we are dedicated to your education and success as a student and to your future as an individual.

保罗史密斯的 College is renowned for our close-knit community, hands-on experiential learning and exceptional support systems. 宝盈bbin官方登录是一个自豪的成员 黄丝带计划, which covers tuition and fees for those eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill®.

作为宝盈bbin官方登录社区的一员, you will find encouragement and support both academically and individually. Our programs are diverse, and we believe learning is doing. We are located in an environment that encourages discovery, discipline and creativity. You will be inspired to challenge yourself and to explore opportunities. 通过这样做, we believe you are investing in your future and in yourself, 宝盈bbin官方登录会全程支持你. Experience shapes you – let 保罗史密斯的 be a part of that.


保罗史密斯的 College has personnel ready to help you understand and utilize the benefits available to you. 您是否正在使用 蒙哥马利退伍军人法案®(第30章), 职业康复(第三十一章), 9/11后美国退伍军人法案®(第33章),或 Montgomery GI Bill®-Selected Reserve(第1606章), our VA Certifying Official will guide you through the process of applying for benefits and is available to assist with any questions you may have.

纽约州居民可能有资格获得 纽约州退伍军人学费奖. Note: This is considered to be a duplicative benefit if you are also receiving 100% of your benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill®. 两者不能同时使用.



This club provides support to the Veteran’s at 保罗史密斯的 College. 的y also do many community service projects for the local community as well as for our military oversees. 点击这里查看 脸谱网.


保罗·史密斯的兽医在卡车床上60多年来, 保罗史密斯的 College has been helping students discover their passions and achieve their goals through experiential learning. 无论是林业还是烹饪艺术, 酒店或生物, 自然资源或商业, we are firm believers in the principle that “doing” is critical to learning and launching a rewarding career.

Our 15-to-1 student-faculty ratio means personal attention from dedicated teachers who excel at bringing out your best. And our approach works – more than 90 percent of 保罗史密斯的 alumni land jobs in their chosen fields or go to graduate school within six months of graduation.


这是宝盈bbin官方登录课程的一部分1954年的学生退伍军人cation; whether serving guests or the community through our environmental programs, 宝盈bbin官方登录的节目充满了这种观念.

We have a proud tradition of service with our armed forces as well. While 保罗史密斯的 College was being built during World War II, for example, campus was used as a U.S. 陆军通信兵训练中心. Our first classes, in fact, were made up mostly of 退伍军人 taking advantage of the first GI Bill®.



退伍军人资源中心保罗史密斯的 退伍军人资源中心 is dedicated solely to our vets for both work and play. 它有一个游戏区, 懒洋洋地看电视, as well as computers and work areas where you can concentrate.

海军陆战队领导学者计划 was formed with the express purpose of providing assistance in accelerating the admission of qualified Marines to four year, 非营利性, 全国各地的学院和大学, in an effort to offer the most expeditious route for attainment of their respective educational goals as they transition from active duty to the private sector. 更多信息,请访问 网站.




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他们为宝盈bbin官方登录的国家效力, received a college education and have now entered the next phase of their life as a civilian. Much of their transition would not have been possible without the help of the faculty and staff. Read more about the 保罗史密斯的 College difference.

大卫·拉图卡' 10

专家大卫·拉图卡,美国.S. 陆军,入侵物种管理与美国.S. 陆军工程兵团, Natural Resource Management and Policy major at 保罗史密斯的 College, 2010届毕业生

“My experience as a veteran at 保罗史密斯的 College was transformative. 的 close-knit community and support systems helped me successfully transition from the military to civilian life. I worked for the 保罗史密斯的 College Watershed Institute as a watershed steward and aquatic plant manager, which helped me gain experience in the field of invasive species management.”

欧文·哈代' 15

产线. 欧文·哈代,美国.S. 海军陆战队, 阿拉伯语的语言学家, 国家公园管理局的生物技术员, 保罗·史密斯学院环境科学专业, 2015届毕业生

“My experience as a veteran at 保罗史密斯的 College was fantastic. 的 director of Veteran Services greatly simplified dealing with financial aid and GI Bill benefits, and the 退伍军人 club offered numerous opportunities to participate in charitable and social events. 的 education I received at 保罗史密斯的 eventually helped me land a job working with bison in Yellowstone National Park as a biological technician for the National Park Service.”